Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

Many individuals requiring assistance at home desire to have more control over the help they receive. With Consumer Directed Services, a program operated by the Missouri Department of Social Services, these individuals can stay at home and be in charge of their own care.

Unlike In-Home Care, under the Consumer Directed Services program, the consumer is the employer and has the freedom of hiring and directing his/her own caregiver(s). Alliance Personal Care, Inc. acts as the vendor to provide the necessary administrative support services.

The caregivers provide the client assistance with activities of daily living to help maintain or increase the independence of the consumer. Some of the services include:

• Dressing
• Transfers
• Personal hygiene
• Bowel and bladder elimination
• Shopping
• Maintenance and use of equipment, aids, prostheses
• Ambulation
• Meal planning and preparation
• Housekeeping
• And other functions of daily living

Alliance Personal Care, Inc. provides administrative services for consumers under this program to include:

• Training on hiring and supervising caregivers
• Background checks on caregivers
• Payroll and billing processing
• Assistance in completing necessary forms
• Assistance in dealing with problems that may arise

In order to qualify for this program, individuals are required to meet criteria based on income and level of need.  Alliance Personal Care, Inc. can help determine whether you are eligible for this program.

So why would a client want to choose the CDS option?

The biggest benefit of this program is that clients will be able to hire friends, or family members with whom they are already comfortable to provide their care services. These individuals will submit time sheets and charting sheets directly to Alliance Personal Care.