Alliance Personal Care is the Missouri side of our company. While we have been operating in Kansas since 2004, we began providing health care services in Missouri in 2007. We operate in Platte, Clay, Jackson, Cass, Ray, Lafayette, and Caldwell counties. Regardless of where we are providing services, we maintain our commitment to excellence and providing quality care with a personal touch.

Alliance Personal Care, Inc provides Medicaid covered services. The services that we perform can all be grouped into “daily assistance” tasks. This means that we provide basic non-skilled services to help you or a loved one, that might be having some difficulties, maintain independence and remain in your home or residence.

Generally, these services include;

Advanced Personal CarePersonal Care ServicesHomemaker Services

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Meal Preparation


Meal Planning





Mobility & Transfers



Medication Reminder

Bill Payment


Advanced Personal Care are services provided to a beneficiary to assist with activities of daily living when the help requires devices and procedures related to altered body functions. The following activities constitute Advanced Personal Care:

• Routine personal care of individuals with ostomies which includes changing bags and soap and water hygiene around the ostomy site.
• Personal care of individuals with external catheters which include changing bags and soap and water hygiene around the site
• Removal of external catheters, inspect the skin and reapply the catheter
• Administration of a prescribed bowel program
• Application of prescription lotions, ointments or dry dressings to unbroken skin
• Manual assistance with noninjectable medications
• Passive range of motion exercises
• Use passive devices for transfers

Alliance can certainly provide you with one of our many skilled aides to provide services to you in your home, but we also participate in a program called Consumer Directed Services (CDS), that allows clients to select and train their own care giver. Whats nice about this program, is that it allows for clients to hire friends or family members to provide the services to them.

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