Transitional Living Specialist (TLS)

Transitional Living Services (TLS) are in-home training and support services designed
to prevent and/or minimize chronic disabilities while restoring the individual to
the optimal level of physical, cognitive, and behavioral functions within the context
of the person, family, and the community. TLS are required under the HCBS/HI waiver.
The primary purpose of TLS are to provide community-based services for individuals
who have sustained a head injury who would otherwise require institutionalization in
a head injury rehabilitation facility. People with disabilities who move from an
institution to a non-medical community setting are frequently unprepared for the
differences and often lack the skills necessary to live independently. For a person
who has a head injury and is accustomed to having support from hospital staff or
family members, moving into their own apartment or into a family living situation in
the community takes a great deal of adjustment. The individual will need to assume
more responsibility in their daily activities to make a successful adjustment to
independent living.

This service is designed to teach a person with a head injury how to become more self-sufficient by the application of skills in the following curriculum areas:

*Household management
*Disability and social adjustment
*Functional communication
*Community living.

Training is to be provided in the person’s home by trained specialist. Training and supports are expected to decrease as a person’s skills increase.

The TLS specialist will conduct a skills assessment and then work with the client on developing goals with written goals and outcomes.