Financial Management Services (FMS)

Unfortunately Alliance Home Health Care, Inc no longer provides FMS services.

We participated in the program for many many years when it was called Self Direct Services, and we firmly believe that the original intent of the FMS program was positive and noble. Many people would prefer to personally care for their loved ones that can no longer completely care for themselves.  The problem is that providing this care often becomes too time consuming and makes it hard to work and earn a living to support yourself. The benefit of the FMS program was that it allowed patients to choose their own worker (who were often  family members or friends) and that worker could be paid through an agency such as Alliance Home Health Care, Inc.

Tragically, the State of Kansas Medicaid program and the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services decided to restructure and rebudget the Self Direct Services program and form it into what is now know as Financial Management Services. This drastically reduced budgeting has made it impossible for home health agencies to participate.  After required taxes, insurance, workers compensation and IRS employer fees, home care agencies actually end up losing money by participating in this program.  As a result, agencies have stopped participating and this program has effectively died.

We feel this is truly a shame and suggest that patients, providers, and workers call their state representatives to voice their displeasure with the current state of the Medicaid program and budgeting in general.

In the meantime, Alliance Home Health Care, Inc would be more than happy to assist you with any Agency Directed home care or TLS services.