Cognitive Therapy

In order to be eligible for Cognitive Therapy services a patient must be approved for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) services.

Cognitive Therapy or Cognitive Rehabilitation is a treatment process is which a person works to alleviate deficits in thinking. In cases of persons with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) these deficits can include poor attention and concentration, memory loss, difficulty with problem solving, and dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs that can contribute to maladaptive behavior and emotional responses.

The goal for an individual receiving Cognitive Therapy is to achieve an awareness of his/her cognitive limitations, strengths, and needs. Then we help rehabilitate individuals to acquire the awareness and thought skills necessary to increase the quality of life and enhance his/her ability to live successfully in the community.

Alliance Home Health Care, Inc. has determined that to effectively establish and monitor goals for the individual, two to three hours a week of cognitive therapy is all that a majority of our clients require.