Alliance Home Health Care, Inc has been operating in the greater Kansas City Kansas Area since January of 2004.  We provide services in Johnson, Wyandotte, and Leavenworth counties.

The simple explanation;

Alliance Home Health Care, Inc provides Medicaid covered services only.  The services that we perform can all be grouped into “daily assistance” tasks.  This means that we provide basic non-skilled services to help you or a loved one, that might be having some difficulties, maintain independence and remain in your home or residence.

Generally, these services include;

Personal Care ServicesHomemaker Services
BathingMeal Preparation
DressingMeal Planning
Mobility & TransfersErrands
Medication Reminder
Bill Payment

Alliance can certainly provide you with one of our many skilled care workers to provide services to you in your home, but we also participate in a program called FMS (Financial Management Services), that allows clients to select and train their own aide.  Whats nice about this program, is that it allows for clients to hire family members to provide the services to them.

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Technical Information;

We provide Medicaid services only through HCBS (Home and Community Based Services).  The services available through our agency are listed under the PD (Physically Disabled), FE (Frail & Elderly),  and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) waiver programs.

Our services include;

Level 2 Attendant Care – FE
(FMS) Self Directed Attendant Care – FE
Level 1 Attendant Care – FE
Adult Day Care – FE
Personal Emergency Response – Install – FE
Wellness Monitoring – FE
Nurse Evaluation Visit – FE
Sleep Cycle Support – FE
Provider Directed Comprehensive Support – FE
(FMS) Self Directed Comprehensive Support – FE
Personal Services – PD
Sleep Cycle Support – PD
Personal Services – TBI
Sleep Cycle Support – TBI